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The UNdead writers ch. 1

Fanfiction name: The Undead writers
Rating: M for strong language and violence
AN: My first fic. Please be kind. BETA NEEDED

Many people had told me that life give us great opportunities which we should take. To be honest, i neve understood what this meant. Not until that day. The day that from an ordinary girl i turned into a bilionare. How did i do that? Well, let's begin by intrudusing myself.
"sophie?! Where is my hairbrush?" my mother's angry voice came from the bathroom.
"oh! Shit" i murmured cursing and quicly took the hairbrush which was laying on my nightstand and ran into the bathroom.
"how many times have i told you to not take my stuff?" she begun to lecture me like always, without realizing her mistakes she had done. I was 16 year old teenager who was lazy according to my mother. When it came to myavourite TV couple house and cameron i was turning into an computer addict.
I had many family problems. My parents were married but there was no love between them. My brother had phycological problems and one year ago he was a drug dealer. In general i had two brothers older than me, i was the youngest and ofcorse the victim. I was totally forgeting about my problems when i was drowing in my favourite TV couple love which was called hameron from the show called 'house'.
I was looking forward to the next season and all day i was looking for updates in FOX's website. One day i came across an advertisement in the website. It wrote:

Want to be house's folk for one day? The TV show house celebrates the 100th episode and give the great opportunity to it's fans to celebrate with the whole cast. Just sent an e-mail to us and be the one of the three lucky one's who will alarmed and sent the tickets.

"why not?" i thought and i quickly sigh in my e-mail account and started typing an e-mail.

Days were passing but i didn't got any e-mails. To be honest, i never expected to win on something. I took a deep breath and dialed the phone number of my hameron italian friend.
"pronto?" a female's voice came from the other line after a few seconds.

"ciao Vittoria. Sono Sophie" i answered in italian with a huge grin painted on my face

"sophie! How are you?" she said in obvious excitement but a bit amazed that i called her.

"i'm fine. Have you seen FOX's new offer? It's a chance to get to see Jennifer! " i said happily hoping that she was going to partisipate

"yeah, i have seen it. I sent an e-mail but i don't think i'm going to be one of the three winners" replied vittoria sadly

"you never know. Don't you think that it would be great to meet each other there?" i tried to make her think possitive.

"i'm realistic sophie. I believe there is no point dreaming"
We kept chating about various things having fun and laughing.
When the time came to hung up the phone. I switched on my computer to check my e-mail.

The next moment i was jumping around from happiness while screaming "i won, i won!".

The next morning my dad drove me to the airport with my mum who was in the verge of tears.
"take care sweetheart" said my mother between sobs while hugging me.
"i will mum, i will" i said while rubbing her back.
My mother stepped back and i gave a quick kiss to my father's cheek. The speaker announced my plane's flight and i quicly took my bags gave my ticket and my passport to give the premmision to get into the plane.

I sat comfortably in my seat. Suddenly the sound of the plane's engine filled my ears and the pilot announsed us that we take off for our dream destination LA. i fastened my seabelt as they ordered us and looked out of my small window to watch the beautiful view of the lights of my city at night for the last time.

In the whole flight i was listening to music, eating and sleeping. I opened my eyes slowly and realized that we have landed. The climate was different. The smell of america. I look around me and saw two men dressed in black professional suits.

"welcome to america, are you miss vergo?" the tallest man asked before taking off his black sunglasses.

A huge grin appeared on my face and nodded in agreement.
"follow me miss vergo. We will take you to the stage building" he said and stepped back to let me get off the plane while both followed me.





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